Frequently Asked Questions

1. “How much water do I need?”
25 to 35 gallons per person per day is a realistic starting figure. We find that people use less water when they can see their water supply.

2. “How much water should I store?”
A minimum of three months use of water storage is recommended – to get you through those long dry spells of 90 days or more.

3. “What happens if I run low on water?”
Should you use more water than planned, supplemental water can be purchased and delivered by the truckload.

4. “How much does a system cost?”
The exact cost of a given system varies depending on the specifics of the site and application. Nearly all systems fall in a range from $10,000 to $30,000 for all of a household’s potable water needs.

5. “How does that compare to a well?”
Given the deep wells now being drilled in this area, the lifetime cost of a rainwater system and a well system are roughly equal – but even after treatment, well water still tastes like well water.

6. “How do you filter the water?”
The first line of defense is the gutter covering. We install a very high quality leaf and debris protection system ( Leaf Relief ) onto the gutters to keep out animals and debris, and then continuously filter the water in storage through ozone disinfection. This filtration/ozonation system is set to run automatically with a time clock to conserve electricity.

7. “Why don’t you use roof washer boxes?”
The filters, along with the debris they collect, are a great incubator for microorganisms. Washer boxes become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other organisms, as the wet debris is warmed by the heat of the sun after each rainstorm. Then, with the next rainstorm, those microorganisms are flushed right into your cistern. Additionally, washer boxes are a nuisance to maintain, requiring the homeowner to climb up on a ladder after each rainstorm to clean them out.

8. “Why do you use ozone to disinfect?”
Ozone is perfectly suited to treat rainwater. It is a natural, powerful disinfectant with no residual that converts back to pure oxygen. See ozone fact sheet.

9. “Is a Rain Barn expensive?”
A simple pole barn construction usually costs less than metal re-roofing, and has the added advantage of being a customized design best suited for an economical and low-maintenance rainwater system.

10. “Why are the Seamless Rain Gutters more expensive than other companies?”
We believe that if homeowners are going to invest any sum of money into their homes, then they need to invest wisely. Our rainwater collection systems provide homeowners with only the best components available on the market. There are other ways to save money when installing a system. Cutting back on quality and function is not one of them. Keep in mind, the Gutters and Leaf Relief debris protection are the first line of defense for a clean, healthy rainwater collection system.