Sterilization & Purification – Ozone

T&E’s Ozone package includes the following

System includes a JWP series pump, a modular cartridge filter, a skid base and a 3 ft. standard cord.

The filter contains a one-piece cartridge element that can be easily removed for cleaning.

*Eclipse Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

  • Wall mounted
  • Generates .25 to 1 gram/hour ozone, with ozone concentration ranging from 450 to 1350 ppm at standard rated airflow
  • Integrated LED operation indicators and flow meter
  • 110/120 or 220/240 volt models
  • Airflow management via adjustable Mazzei venturi injector
Ozone Injector Manifold
Time clock

For timer controlled operation of ozone components

Components are also available separately. Please contact us or more information.

* Equipment may vary based on application

Sterilization & Purification – Ultraviolet

MightyPure ultraviolet purification chamber w/ bulb. Click here to read more information.
The Sterlight Disinfection system is as easy as plumbing it in, plumbing it out, and plugging it in.
The TrojanUVMax IHS12-D4 comes equipped with a UV and filters to provide an easy-to-choose, install and maintain solution for all your drinking water needs.
Sanitron® Models S50C [20GPM], S37C [12GPM CE Certified], S23A [6GPM], S17A [3GPM]
*For commercial use. Sanitron® Model S5,000C [83GPM CE Certified] shown with supplied Interconnect Piping, optional Guardian™ Digital Ultraviolet Monitor, Solenoid Valve, Flow Control Valve and customer supplied Piping, Union and Shut Off Valve

Note: T&E Services offers a wide range of UV products. Please contact us for details.